Produced Video for your Virtual Event

To be truly memorable, Virtual Events take a special touch — something Vision excels at. Whether you need great pre-shot, pre-produced content before the event, real-time production during the event or outstanding highlight videos after the event – Vision Event has you covered.

From entertaining CEO fireside chats and pre-shot MC introductions to interviews with key personalities, video bumpers (intros/outros), live remote video and more — we give your virtual event the real polish and sizzle everyone is looking for. With more control over story-boarding, pre-vetting, approval and brand consistency – there’s good reason our best clients (and top brands) call us first.

VISA Dining Experience: Boulevard @ Home

JABC Awards Highlight Reel 2020

Pre-Produced Content

Supplement and Enhance your LIVE Virtual Events. Control Branding Elements. More Engaged Guests!

  • Visioneer the LIVE Event Experience
  • Storyboard Development
  • Organize all Production elements
  • Perform the Shoots
  • Post Production Mastery

Real Time Production

On-Location LIVE Steaming Services. Studio Lighting and Sound Equipment. Multiple Camera Systems. Production Managers and Tech Teams

  • Visioneer the LIVE Event Experience
  • Storyboard Development
  • Establishing Timeslines and Roles
  • Organize all Production elements
  • LIVE Performance Production

Highlight Reels

Virtual Event Highlight Videos. Intro Title slide and Outro slides. Royalty Free Music Archive. Help Promote your Next events. Offers more Sponsorship Leverage

  • Pre-Production Creative Briefing
  • StoryBoard Development
  • Royalty Free Music Archive
  • Up to 3 Revisions on First Draft (more available)

For moments made to matter, call us today.

Whether you’re looking to capture the essence of your next major branded event or organizing the conference of a century, Vision makes the unmissable unforgettable with professional photography, videography and the best virtual events content.